Specialty Congee with Intestines in Old Quarter Hanoi

Congee, which is called cháo in Vietnamese, is one of the most popular breakfast menus in Hanoi and throughout Vietnam. Recently, I found a new congee place in Old Quarter, Hanoi selling specialty congee with intestines. In fact, my boyfriend first discovered it on Vietnamese social media recommending the place. So he went to try and loved it so much and highly recommended me to try.

So I wasted no time and went there for breakfast!

Specialty Congee - One & Only in Hanoi

Speciality Congee with Intestines in Old Quarter Hanoi restaurant front
Dac San Chao - Literally means Specialty Congee
Speciality Congee with Intestines in Old Quarter Hanoi restaurant
I love this type of very local restaurant vibe!

The name of the restaurant is Đặc Sản Cháo, which literally is translated as Specialty Congee. Under the big sign of the restaurant, it’s written “địa chỉ duy nhất”. It means “the only address”. So that indicates that this place is the one and only place selling their own specialty menu in Hanoi and maybe even all over Vietnam.

Also, I love this kind of very down to earth and local atmosphere because I love local dining experiences. So the name of the place, the vibe and everything else elevated my expectation!

Congee with Intestines

Speciality Congee with Intestines in Old Quarter Hanoi
They serve quite a huge portion of congee with intestines
Speciality Congee with Intestines in Old Quarter Hanoi
It's filled with lots of different parts of intestines and crown daisy vegetables

I ordered a bowl of cháo lòng, which is congee with intestines as I was recommended by my boyfriend. I observed the lady and saw her preparing a good portion of fresh intestines. She started heating up the congee and cooking the fresh intestines in a small pot. 

My personal favourite congee shop in Hanoi is plain congee topped with fried baguette. There, the congee is kept heated in a large pot and served immediately upon order. But here it was reheated and cooked with fresh intestines and veggies. I think that’s a lot of work for every order, but I found that fascinating! And of course, my bowl of congee was served very, very hot. 

I was so surprised with a great range of different pork intestine parts in this congee. I enjoy eating intestines, but there were some parts I’d never tried before. The variety of parts meant a good range of different textures, so I loved it!

Congee was cooked and served with crown daisy vegetable, which has a similar texture to pokchoi. But I’m not a big fan of the specific taste of this vegetable. So next time, I’ll order and ask not to add the vegetable. If you do not want the vegetable, you can also ask not to have it in your congee.

The congee was mostly finely ground, but still with some grainy texture. I really enjoyed the special flavour of the congee itself. Also, I tried some spoons with fish sauce served on the side. And congee mixed with the fish sauce tasted distinctively different. 

In conclusion, I really had a great meal here trying all the variety of intestines, flavours and the atmosphere! Dac San Chao really has their own specialty congee with unique flavour in Hanoi. I recommend this place if you’re looking for lots of different intestines and a specialty menu to try in Hanoi!

Morning Wander in Hanoi

On a side note, I love exploring the Old Quarter early in the morning because it’s the perfect time to embrace the unusual serenity in the usually hectic Hanoi. So I highly recommend taking a stroll and wandering around town early. It’s pretty quiet before 7AM. From around 7AM, it starts to be busier, but it’s also a wonderful experience to watch and enjoy the city being awakened. 

I have written a post introducing my Top 5 Places for Strolls in Hanoi. But early morning exploration around the French Quarter of Hanoi is also an additional favourite of mine!

Dac San Chao

Address: 4 Đào Duy Từ, Hàng Buồm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

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