The Vibrant Sights Of Ho Chi Minh – Where To Go When Night Falls

As night falls in Ho Chi Minh, there are a plethora of things to do. Here we will give you the best things to do out and about in the city. We’ve already covered some great places to eat, but what about before because you aren’t quite hungry enough? Or after your meal and you don’t want to call it a night quite yet?

What do you do when the sun sets in Saigon?

Indika Saigon (House of Curiosity)

Follow the signs and hum of people chatting to find Indika.

Looking for a chilled beer in one of Saigon’s hippest pubs? Then head over to Indika in the Đa Kao area of District 1. Hidden away behind a couple of restaurants, they have a nice outside courtyard or head inside and listen to an eclectic selection of tunes from the DJ. If you are lucky you can catch one of the comedy nights and laugh away the night here. Indika is pretty no nonsense, they don’t try to be anything pretentious, they just enjoy themselves and if you are laid-back then this place is for you.

This is what you are greeted with when you turn round the corner in Indika.

Bui Vien (Walking Street)

The infamous Walking Street in Bui Vien. Keep your wits about you here.

Bui Vien has become one of the most infamous streets in Ho Chi Minh, regarded to some as ‘the backpacker street’, you may actually arrive here if you are travelling through Vietnam, as many of the tour groups and buses stop here. The best time to experience this street is at night, but here is the warning; if loud music and large crowds partying are not your thing, then this may not be your best option. But, if you are intrigued about what all the hype is about, try and get from one end of the street to other. You meet waiters and waitresses trying to garner your custom for their bar, or street performers clogging up the already busy street. Just watch out for those crazy few on motorbikes trying to weave their way through an already tightly-packed crowd, this place is really not for the faint-hearted.

People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City

Okay, so those of you looking to do some casual sightseeing at night, one of the best places to go to is outside the People’s Committee building, if you are a keen photographer, you can get the perfect night/street shot. The building is beautifully lit up and oozes character. That’s not all though, opposite the building itself is a nice square (Okay, it’s a long rectangle, but you know what I mean!). Here you can walk through it and take in all the lights and shops still open all the way down to the river front at the end. You can grab something to eat at the many restaurants or do some late night shopping. If you just fancy walking keep an eye out for all the cute young Vietnamese couples sat on their motorcycles on dates.

Grab an insta-worthy photo in front of the People's Committee building.

The Studio Saigon

Now, here’s one for the more quirky and historically inclined. Saigon is baked in history and one of the best places to go without heading to a museum is to book an appointment with Bartist Richie Fawcett (He’s a renowned cocktail maker in Saigon, but also an artist). You can spend the evening with him in an intimate session at his studio learning the wonderful history of Saigon and Vietnam. As mentioned, he is also a cocktail maker who has trained the majority of bartenders in Ho Chi Minh for the past 7 years. So, be educated on history and art while sitting back in his comfy private studio and bar, all while he makes you cocktails till your heart’s content. Tip: make sure you book in advance, as he doesn’t do walk-ins, as it’s a private studio, but he is a lovely guy, so don’t be shy and drop him a message on Facebook.

Richie Fawcett is originally from the UK, but has made Saigon his home to create art and make cocktails.

Landmark 81

The newly opened tallest building in South East Asia, is truly a sight to behold. Towering over everything in the city, this undoubtedly has the best view anywhere in the Saigon. You go up near the top of the building and walk around the observation deck and then head outside to a small deck exposing you to the elements. Here, you can hook up to a safety rail with a harness and walk around a thin platform, not for those scared of heights though! The tickets do seem pricey for Ho Chi Minh, but I think it’s well worth the price tag for crazy views of the city, you really see how big Saigon is while up there. My tip would be to go early evening and wait for sunset to get your perfect photo. We have mentioned Landmark 81 before, but we haven’t mentioned the vast mall at the building’s base and the square which hugs the river, where there are stalls and attractions to keep you occupied.

Okay, I know it's technically not night time, but you don't want to miss sunset when you are this high up.

If you are wondering why I haven’t mentioned any bars or clubs on the list, in the future we will be doing a dedicated post covering all the best bars and clubs to hangout at. There are so many great places to visit, the list would be too long! In the meantime check some or all of these places out and get some Saigon culture you won’t forget in a hurry.

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