Transportation to & from Hanoi Noi Bai Airport – Bus, Taxi and more

There are several different options for you to travel between Hanoi city and Noi Bai airport (HAN). There are two terminals in the airport: Terminal 1 (Domestic) and Terminal 2 (International). There’s a free shuttle available between the two terminals.

See the list of transportation options and details below. 


Express Bus No. 86

Screenshot from Xe Buyt Website

This is the cheapest and a convenient mode of transport to go to and from the Old Quarter (Hoan Kiem district). 

Route: Ga Hà Nội (Ha Noi Train Station) – Lê Duẩn – Nguyễn Du – Yết Kiêu – Trần Hưng Đạo – Dã Tượng – Lý Thường Kiệt – Hàng Bài – Bờ Hồ – Trần Nguyên Hãn – Hàng Vôi – Hàng Tre – Hàng Muối – Trần Nhật Duật – Điểm trung chuyển Long Biên (Long Bien bus station) – Yên Phụ – Nghị Tàm – Âu Cơ – Cầu Nhật Tân (Nhat Tan bridge) – Võ Nguyên Giáp – Terminal 1 & 2 

Duration: Approximately 45 minutes between the airport and Old Quarter (Long Bien bus terminal)

Bus fee: 35,000VND

Free WiFi on bus

Other Buses

There are other cheaper local buses available for different destinations in Hanoi. The bus fees are 9,000VND but the duration is longer and mostly more packed than the Express 86 bus. 


No. 7 

Terminal 1 – Cau Giay 

Route: Noi Bai Airport – Thang Long Highway – Pham Van Dong – Hoang Quoc Viet – Nghia Do park – Cau Giay transit station


No. 17 

Terminal 1 – Long Bien 

Route: Noi Bai Airport – Phu Lo Soc Son – Dong Anh – Cau Duong – Nguyen Van Cu – Long Bien transit station

Duration to Long Bien bus station is 1 hour and 15 minutes (taking 30 minutes longer than Express bus 86).


No. 90 

Terminals 1 & 2 – Kim Ma

Route: Terminal 1 (arrival floor) – Vo Nguyen Giap – Terminal 2 (arrival hall) – Vo Nguyen Giap overpass – Vo Nguyen Giap street – Nhat Tan bridge – Vo Chi Cong – Nguyen Hoang Ton – Lac Long Quan – Hoang Hoa Tham – Van Cao – Lieu Giai – Kim Ma



There are minibuses that take you to your destination in Hanoi city from the airport. One-way ticket price is 32,000VND for foreigners and 22,000VND for Vietnamese.  


Price range for one-way between the airport and the Old Quarter is between 300,000 and 400,000VND. Also, you’ll have to pay 20,000VND extra for the toll fee.

Reliable taxi companies are listed above (from Noi Bai Airport official site), but the most reliable and common one is Mai Linh company. But always be cautious of scam. In case of any scam, it’s best to ask for help from hotel staff if you’re arriving in the city.


Private Transfers

You can also book a private transfer in advance and it is probably a safer option than taxis especially if you book through your hotel or hostel. 

The link to book a private transfer provided on the Noi Bai Airport’s official website gives a price range which is way above what anyone should pay (over 600,000VND one-way). So it’s best to avoid using the site. 

Normally the price ranges from 250,000VND to 400,000VND one-way for a 4-seater car if you book with a hotel / hostel in Hanoi. Price of pick-up from the airport is usually higher than drop-off. Toll fees are usually included in the price. 


Mobile Apps

If you have Internet or WiFi on your phone, you can book a ride on mobile transportation applications such as Grab and Be.

The price might be cheaper than taxis and private transfers depending on the time and day. You will be able to see the exact price you will be charged and 20,000VND toll fee will be added to the price.

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