Ultimate Places To Eat In Saigon – The Foodie Special: Mouthwatering Cuisine & Eye Candy Galore

Ho Chi Minh City, AKA Saigon is always a popular destination when people come to visit Vietnam, there’s a lot to do and see when in the city, but in between all that sightseeing and culture immersing, you need to keep fueled up. 

In no particular order, here are the top places to eat in the city. We’ve taken into account the overall experience and of course, the food! We’ve tried to give you a range of different dining options to cater to all budgets and tastes. 

Noir – Dining In The Dark

Now, this restaurant is not unique to Saigon or even Vietnam, as they have set up restaurants all over the world. With locally sourced staff (some of who are blind) that guide you through the whole dining process makes your dining experience unique and personal. I’ve added this to the list because they do offer a Western option, but this is not what makes this Noir unique. What does need a mention is the way they give you a dining experience like no other. Being in Vietnam they offer a Vietnamese influenced menu. So, if you have been to a dining in the dark before, why not try it Vietnamese style? Be guided by your blind waiting staff in the absolute pitch black, and I mean pitch black. This is not for the faint-hearted I must say, but once you relax, you can enjoy your food in a very special way. 

Dining in the dark is a truly unique experience.

Pachi Pachi – Japanese Style Hotpot and Grill

Choose from their extensive buffet menu and grill to your heart's delight.

A small restaurant located in Da Kao, District 1. Pachi Pachi serves delicious game meats and seafood. But, best of all they have a buffet menu set at VND300k, which is an incredible bargain for the amount of quality meat you can get. We managed to fill our table with venison, crocodile and ostrich. We added a vast amount of seafood as well. Blend that with your own hot coal grill on your table and it’s a wonderful assault on your senses. The smells, the presentation and of course the taste make for a great and not wallet emptying dinner. Japanese food is incredibly popular here in Saigon, but what makes Pachi Pachi stand out from the others, is the friendly atmosphere and true Japanese influence. If you are stuck for somewhere to eat and don’t want Vietnamese food this is one stop shop for grill heaven.

Poké Saigon – Healthy Hawaiian Happy Food

Whenever I am craving a super healthy and tasty quick meal, I head to Poké Saigon and get my fill of heavenly Poké. If you don’t know Poké and are into healthy options, then look no further. You can customise your bowl to your heart’s content. A great option if you are needing a quick pitstop on a busy day of sightseeing or shopping around Bến Thành (District 1). In a small, but airy unit, it’s a refreshing option that won’t break the bank. 

Prime XXI – Decadent Dining With Views of Saigon

For those of you who want top-end luxury and an exquisite dining sophistication, book a table at Prime XXI. Perched on 21st floor of one of Saigon’s many high-rise towers. You get great views, bespoke service and refined cuisine based on, as the name suggests prime cuts of quality meats. Presentation is also unique, so your insta-worthy pics will be the envy of all your friends. 

You will not be disappointed with Prime XXI's service and style.
If you want to eat the very best in Saigon, then look no further.

Gió Trường Sa Quán - Local Vietnamese Seafood

I had to put at least one place to eat that is quintessentially Vietnamese. Located next to the canal in District 1. You get open air dining, low wooden tables and chairs, cheap dishes and all the seafood you could want to fill yourself up. You can even order deep fried frog if you fancy getting really local. Order cheap beers and take in the Vietnamese families, groups of friends and after work parties enjoying each other’s company, all while tucking into super delicious communal dishes.

Gió Trường Sa Quán may look unassuming, but it has maybe the best Vietnamese seafood in the city.

Don’t forget this is just a general run down of top places to eat in Saigon, in the future we will be covering the places to eat in this wonderful city in more detail, so if you want to know the best places to eat traditional local Vietnamese cuisine? Or where to go for the best of the best in Saigon? Watch this space, but in the mean time I hope you try some of these places out when visiting this true foodie city. 

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