Visit this Small Coffee Shop Hidden in Local Neighbourhood South of Hoan Kiem Lake – Sii Coffee 2

Here’s a new cute coffee shop hidden gem added to my list of Hanoi cafes. Again, I found out about this cafe from local social media channels, which I marked to visit.

The cafe is called Sii Coffee 2. It is located in the south of Hoan Kiem lake, in a local neighbourhood. The street is a small and quiet street tucked away from bigger streets. And the coffee shop is not so noticeable if you’re just passing by. I have passed the same street many times, but I only spotted the coffee shop when I went to visit. 

Warmly lit wooden entrance welcomes you in
Menu on wall
About the owner, Son and coffee beans from Da Lat
Brick wall by the bar

Cosy atmosphere and fragrant coffee aroma welcome you as you enter the warmly lit wooden entrance door. There’s a big menu on the wall behind bar and also an introduction of their owner, Mr. Nguyen Van Son, his coffee farm and beans from Da Lat – central highlands in Vietnam.

The staircase to upstairs and the fence door were very local
Then a brightly lit modern interior appeared

I ordered a cup of iced Americano and went upstairs to take a seat. The staircase to upstairs was like a local home and then the modernly designed space appeared. It is not a big space, but the tables were set spaciously. The bright lights illuminating portrait drawings and paintings on the wall made it seem like a small art exhibition gallery.

Portrait drawings on one wall
Spacious balcony
Iced Americano - Coffee beans from Da Lat

The indoor area was great for working on laptop in peace. The outdoor balcony seemed as a perfect spot to sit alone to read a book or chat with a friend. I’d have loved to sit outside but it was all occupied, so I’ll try the balcony next time when I go back. 

I love the famous Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk, but I’m not a big fan of Vietnamese black coffee because the local coffee beans are usually very bitter. Sii Coffee uses coffee beans from Da Lat region, so I was slightly skeptical and hesitant to order a black coffee, but it was not bitter as I’d expected. It was slightly sour, but quite mild and in overall, enjoyable. 

Address: 16A Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm, Nguyễn Du, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội, Vietnam

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